For over 25 years Hermes Engineering has remained a global leader in developing complete electrical distribution systems for the automotive industry. Hermes Engineering’s knowledge of the vehicle architecture and expertise in systems integration provide a competitive advantage in designing and delivering power distribution systems that support a full range of complex functions. Best practices are utilized to optimize system design and maximize value.

Our electrical distribution systems include wire harnesses, terminals and connectors, power distribution boxes and passive junction boxes, designed to reduce weight, complexity and total system cost. New technologies include usage of alternative wire materials including copper-clad steel and aluminum alloys, resulting in a reduction of weight and a cost-effective solution.Whatever the vehicle application, Hermes Engineering’s culture of operational excellence allows us the speed and flexibility to globally manage thousands of changes a year, while ensuring performance consistency. As a global leader in complete electrical distribution systems, Hermes Engineering’s goal is to remain a valued and essential partner.

Hermes Engineering’s product portfolio includes standard and custom terminal & connector systems, with capability ranging from signal to high power. Our experience in integrating terminal & connector solutions throughout the vehicle’s electrical distribution system allows for maximum reliability while reducing cost. Hermes Engineering’s capabilities cover the complete value chain—from advanced research and development, through tooling construction, to extensive manufacturing expertise, allowing us to shorten the product and process development cycle. From patents filed to finished product, Hermes Engineering continues to commit its resources to the development of the industry’s most technically advanced terminals & connectors. Our focus remains on developing and manufacturing high performance, ultra-compact, cost-effective systems, engineered for optimal performance anywhere in the vehicle.

Passenger cars

We supply high quality, custom designed wiring systems and related components to many of the world’s leading brands of passenger cars and light vehicles.

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Optimised customer support.

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Reducing vehicle emissions

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Power sports

For decades Hermes Engineering has been designing, manufacturing and supplying wiring systems and related products for many kinds of vehicles worldwide.

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Component Services

Dedicated to the unique design and distribution requirements of the transportation industry.

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“Off-highway” includes the Agricultural, Construction and Industrial vehicle sectors.

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