5G FIRST allows operators to address the near-infinite capacity demands of new applications anywhere - seamlessly and securely. This industry-first 5G solution provides innovations that will power the global nervous system. With 5G FIRST, operators can gain a first-to-market advantage by launching 5G use cases before the standards have been finalized. 5G FIRST builds on our commercial 5G AirScale and AirFrame platforms to provide a versatile solution that spans the network. The 5G FIRST solution includes: AirScale beamforming and massive MIMO Adaptive Antennas, which help early 5G adopters gain a competitive edge AirScale Radio Access with baseband upgrades for 5G, AirScale Cloud RAN, and the AirFrame Data Center Solution A cloud packet core that uses a cloud-native architecture to support essential service capabilities such as network slicing and DevOps cloud systems 5G-ready mobile transport solutions that support cost-effective backhauling, ultra-low latency, and end-to-end transport 5G

Acceleration Services, which help operators deploy 5G quickly and smoothly We are also building a 5G community as part of the ng Connect Program. Our aim is to bring innovative companies together to collaborate and realize a new generation of business.

Access Network Analytics (ANA) allows service providers to monetize and derive business value from digital subscriber line (DSL) access network data. Unlike generic big data solutions, ANA is designed specifically for access network management. This next-generation analytics platform combines domain expertise with insights, eliminating big data complexity. ANA enables the anticipation of service impacts, resulting in an optimized network and improved business decisions. It sifts through the sheer volume and variety of broadband network data to provide insights and recommendations to customer-facing teams, resulting in operational efficiencies and enhanced customer satisfaction with high-speed internet and triple-play services. ANA is a key part of the Home and Access Analytics portfolio. Combining ANA with Home Analytics provides end-to-end insights across the access and home networks, boosting first call resolution (FCR) rates and reducing average handling time (AHT) at the same time. Benefits