Engineering and Construction

Hermes Engineering is a one-stop-shop with full engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning capabilities to design and build thermoelectric power plants, oil & gas production, processing, storage and distribution facilities in Europe, Latin America and Asia. With over 40 years of experience and solid presence in 18 countries, we deliver projects on time to multinational and state operators seeking to meet a tight schedule, under international codes and standards and following a comprehensive design.

With this thorough knowledge of Construction, Procurement and Engineering phases, we are your best option for a design-build solution. Few companies master this technique that allows for accelerating baseline schedules and making decisions that result in significant time recovery and compliance with particular, yet common, demands, through an accurate decision-making process and close scheduling. Every day that is gained in the production or generation of a plant, is of tremendous value to investors and communities. We began as a general contractor, understanding constraints, dealing with productivity rates, and gaining hands-on experience. The transition to the engineering and procurement services came as the next logical step. This is why its design criteria provide true support for the construction team, rather than being merely a set of documents that have no insight of what fieldwork involves.

With a well-established office in USA, Europe and Asia Hermes Engineering offers full procurement and logistics capabilities to timely supply materials and equipment to any location. We know that each item needs to be delivered by a certain date and that its specification is produced by an in-depth analysis. We know how an EPC project works and we perform accordingly. A reliable network of worldwide vendors, adequate pre-qualification and inspection procedures and ample local knowledge, support our strong commitment to customers around the globe who also benefit from our third-party sales, when we act on their behalf to purchase engineered materials and equipment for their projects or ongoing operations.